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About C3 Wallet

Green Energy Project
C3 Wallet. Inc. is a green energy project which applied blockchain technology on high-tech C3 generators and supply them to the whole world. C3W, which is issued by C3 Wallet, is a payment method when C3 generators are distributed, as well as a payment method for the service charge. C3W paid for monthly charges will be donated to the children who need help from all around the around.
ERC20 based platform
C3W is an ERC20 based platform that creates an energy welfare ecosystem that leads to smart payments, energy transaction between individuals, energy big data collection and donation, creating a world without burdens about energy and sharing its benefits to C3W owners.
AI to blockchain technology
C3W has combined AI to blockchain technology, based on the highest security, stability and fast processing, to create an energy welfare platform that supports mobile electronic wallet and connects to electricity fee payments and donations.

Our Projects

Energy Big Data
Big data gathered from the C3 generator will further develop the C3 generator and become a big asset to the C3 ecosystem. This will soon lead to rewards for many participants with C3W.
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C3 Ecosystem
C3Wallet is a blockchain system that allows payment, donation and data collection to be carried out when C3 products produced by C3Electric are distributed around the world.
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Building C3W Platform
The basis of the C3W’s issuance is that technology complements the securement and value realization of energy and welfare ecosystem through the blockchain.
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C3W will become a important axis of crypto-currency in energy and welfare area as a first energy welfare project.

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How to Buy C3W

  • Connect to BitForex with Chrome Browser
  • Click [Sign up] in the upper right corner to begin
  • Enter your email address
  • Click Send to enter the security code
  • Check the new security code by e-mail again
  • Press the Sign up button below to finish
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