About C3 Wallet

Green Energy Project
C3 Wallet. Inc. is a green energy project which applied blockchain technology on high-tech C3 generators and supply them to the whole world. C3W, which is issued by C3 Wallet, is a payment method when C3 generators are distributed, as well as a payment method for the service charge. C3W paid for monthly charges will be donated to the children who need help from all around the around.
ERC20 based platform
C3W is an ERC20 based platform that creates an energy welfare ecosystem that leads to smart payments, energy transaction between individuals, energy big data collection and donation, creating a world without burdens about energy and sharing its benefits to C3W owners.
AI to blockchain technology
C3W has combined AI to blockchain technology, based on the highest security, stability and fast processing, to create an energy welfare platform that supports mobile electronic wallet and connects to electricity fee payments and donations.

Purpose of C3W Issuance

New paradigm of electric energy usage is coming.
We don’t have to worry about progressive tax anymore! C3 Generator is able to solve this problem: As the electricity usage increases according to the climate changes followed by global warming, families are afraid to confirm electricity fee due to the progressive tax burdens. However, only 20,000 – 40, 000 won is needed for a household’s electricity fee with C3 Generator.
Energy that makes people happy
The C3W Token, donated as a rental system, is immediately used for the “Kangaroo Movement” for troubled teenagers with families in danger. If we can take care of these young children with out any harms until they grow up to be adults, we’ll have a much brighter and happier world in five to ten years.
Alternatibe energy for fossil fuels
About a decade ago, John Bedney, of the United states tried to commercialize the magnetic generator in many countries, including China and India, when he first invented it. However, due to technological limitations, he failed. After 4 years of research and development, the C3 generator has solved the problem and finally reached the step of practical application. C3W is an etherium-based token which will be served as the real currency of the C3 generator, it will promote Korea’s superior technology to the world and contribute to protecting the earth by replacing fossil fuels.
Crypto-currency as a Energy Welfare Project
At the current status of blockchain ecosystem, it is hard to succeed only with outstanding blockchain technology. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the business model, or the business item, will succeed no matter how good it is. In order for a blockchain startup to succeed, both confident business item and confident consumer market is needed. C3W will become a important axis of crypto-currency in energy and welfare area as a first energy welfare project, to be used as help teenagers in crisis by converting electricity fee into donations.

Token Issuance

Energy Welfare Token (C3W)

Total Issuance

ERC20 (Ethereum based Token)

Token cost
1 ETH = 25,000 C3W
1C3W = 0.00004000ETH

Lock up Period
Contributors before Sep 16th = Locked up after 1 month from the listed date.
Contributors after Sep 16th = Locked up after minimum of 1 month to maximum of 24 months from the listed date, depending on the amount of contribution


2022. Jan~Dec
Construct energy big data business system
2021. Jan~Dec

Activate C3W Mainnet
Establish C3 Exchange (AW Exchange)

2020. Jan~Dec

C3W Mainnet Launching
Mobile Electronic Wallet, C3 Wallet Launching
C3 Electric Token Publication (C3E)

2019. Jun~Dec

Overseas sales of C3 Generator
Applied product development of C3 Generator

2019. Dec ~ 2019. Mar

Domestic exchange going public
New Technology Presentation for C3 Generator expected (New York, USA)
C3 Generator on sale
establishment of C3 foundation

2018. Sep~Oct

Establishment of C3Electric Corporation
Establishment of C3Wallet Corporation
Public Announcement of C3 Generator (9/16)
Publication on Private Sale/bitForex Exchange
First application for C3 Generator rental

2018. Jun

Development of C3 generator
2018 Energy and welfare business project
Issuance of ERC223-based C3W Token


C3 Wallet is building its own project system to activate the blockchain ecosystem. We are achieving our goals through systematic supports, from the progress of initial projects, new projects, and creation of new business models.
Jeon, Youngcheol

C3Electric CEO

Currently serves as the chairman of Matching Chance Media Group and the secretary general of Kangaroo Movement Headquarters. Working on welfare programs for youth in crisis for 11 years. He is leading C3 Electrics and C3 Wallet based on his experiences in various fields such as Channel news,
Dongrim Hanok, and Light World, etc.

Jung, Daeheui
C3Electric CMO
Block Chain Instructor
Worked as a company financial advisor for many years. He is also a currency educator for Creative Development Institute, and blockchain professional instructor. He was the marketing advisor of Kaiser Wallet, and currently is responsible for the overall marketing of C3 Wallet and C3 Electric.
Jin, Sungdoo
Korea representative of CoinLabUSA.com
Graduated from the Department of Computer Science at Sejong University and participated in various projects in IT and Contents area for 18 years. He also participated in the development of online certification system of Korean universities at IDTec. Currently, he is a global blockchain consultant as the Korea representative of CoinLabUSA.com.
Kim, Shin

Marketing Manager
Guild Investment leader

He developed a comprehensive investment solution, consulted asset formation, as a leader of Guild Investment Solutioning Leader. Currently, he is the manager of C3 Wallet marketing team.
Park, Soonhyung
Web Designer
Edit and Web Design Specialist
Graphic Designer
Web planning and project management
Designer for C3wallet
Lee, Minho
Web developer
Web JSP Programmer
Responsible for managing Linux servers
DB and SQL Management

The meaning of C3

Cocuryeo + Cyber + Country
Our symbol indicates these three words. The first C stands for ‘Coguryeo’, second C stands for ‘Cyber’, third C stands for ‘Country’, which means Coguryeo Cyber Country. The pattern in the inscription is a ‘Three-legged crow’, which is the symbol of the Korean people. During the Coguryeo period, Korean people expanded their territories with their intelligence and strong spirit and has a high cultural standard as the ancient mural paintings and relics describe. Nowadays, together with Hallyu, BTS takes the first place on the Billboard Chart, or someone gives speech at UN, raising the status of the Korean people. However, for AI, Big Data and Blockchain Technology, which are the core technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, it is true that we are falling behind in competition with major countries in the world. The C3 Generator, which will be released by C3 Electric, is the next generation of electrical energy, a new technology that will bring about the global energy revolution. As a descendant of the Coguryeo people who expanded their territories, holding spears and shields and riding horses 2000 years ago, we will lead the Fifth Industrial Revolution from Korea through their spirits, and develop into our technology along with C3 Generator.