C3 Generator New Technology Presentation

C3 Generator New Technology Presentation

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While alternative energy research is drawing attention due to the environment pollution such as global warming and destruction of the ozone layer, a new energy company called C3 Electric received lots of interests from the attendees as it unveiled its “C3 Generator”, a magnetic field-based circulatory power generation system.
At 4 p.m on the last 16th, “C3 Generator New Technology Presentation’, about a power self-generating equipment prepared together by C3 Electric and KEtechnology, was held at the K-Hotel Gayageum Hall in Seocho-gu, Seoul.
The event was carried out by introducing actual opening and demonstration of C3 generator, value of use, and steps of commercialization, while key executives of C3 Electric, including CEO Jeon Young-chul, CMO Jung Dae-hee, Lee Kang-soo, CEO of KEtechnology, and numerous people from related industries have attended.

According to officials, the C3 generator embodied the concept of magnetic field-based energy self-generation published by Bedney in U.S more than a decade ago into domestic technology. It is meaningful as a high-efficiency self-generator that can produce electricity of 600 to 3000 Kw per month without external energy sources.

Lee Kang Soo, CEO of KEtechnology, said that “In the midst of the development of wind power, we thought about putting the idea of magnetic field-based self-generation together and after four years of research, we finally developed this generator. Even considering battery life for PCB material and electricity storage in the driving parts, it can be used as a semi-permanent product.”

C3 Electric Unveils C3 Generator… “Self-Circulatory generator based on Magnetic Field Energy ”

Jeon Young Chul, CEO of C3 Electric, said that “”The efficiency of solar power generation in Korea is 3.4kw per day, with a cost of 4 million won per kw, whereas the C3 generator can produce stable electricity at 24kw per day, and provides large capacity power with parallel connections. I believe that this will gain a lot of attention, being the first to solve alternative energy development with domestic technology, which the whole world failed in spite of a decade’s investment.
Also, with this invention, we’re going to have airplanes, trains, ships, cars, and drones that can travel around the Earth without fuel, free energy APT, buildings, factories, home appliances are expected to emerge and emphasized that it will expand very rapidly globally and become generalized on account of this achievement.”

Furthermore, the profits from sales will be used as welfare funds and “Kangaroo Movement” project for teenagers in crisis homes.
CMO Jung Dae-hee said that “C3 generator” will be divided into domestic and industrial categories. In case of household generators with 600kw production per month, its price will be set as 6 million won each, and distributed to each household by sales, leasing and welfare distribution through exclusive distributor – agencies.”

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