C3 Generator

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C3 Generator

Stand alone Loop-back Electric Power Generator : SaLb-EPG

1. Magnetic Motor / Generator Structure
2. Drive / Generator Structure that utilizes its own actuator without internal combustion engine or external drive and generates power with input power while generating output from the induced oil.
3. Circulatory generator that amplifies the input power with no pollution and noise, and then loops back.
4. In case of external forces, the efficiency of the entire drive is less than 30% due to the friction and efficiency loss occurred during rotation of the rotating shaft. A circulatory generator can reduce this structural loss and use the input power as a rotary force of the actuator, and in the process of utilizing induction current that is disposed by permanent magnet’s rotation, it will amplify the basic input power.
5. A Circulatory generator uses a 12V DC battery as its input power to gain driving power and also converts the portion of the current deposited in the induction coil to DC power through Bridge Diode. As it is used as a driving power of a motor during this process, output power therefore is generated through DC power.
Renewable Green Energy Development Project For Next Generation
Environmentally friendly – green energy without noise, vibration, smoke and heat
No additional external power or fuel supply required
Prevention of power outage caused by power cut off
Overcoming the progressive electric bill
Foundation of Domestic and Foreign Markets
Reduce wiring construction costs
Easy to move and install
Reduce Electricity cost
Unlimited time for electricity usage
Easy maintenance
1. Since the driving structure of the generator does not transfer external forces to the drive, it has a resourceless structure for the simplicity of the structure and the generation of external driving power, which is an important structure of renewable energy.
2. Since there is no external torque or drive, there is no environmental pollution that can occur during combustion by internal combustion engines, and there is no need to build a large-scale power plant such as hydroelectric power.
3. It is a circulatory generator of a multipurpose actuator/generator structure that can be miniaturized and lightened, can be applied to any existing electrical device or facility, and it has a structure that can be installed with little or no facility or groundwork which used to be essential for structures that utilize current power lines at all times.

C3 Generator Drive Principle

Existing Generators
A structure in which induced currents disposed of in induction coils develop into alternating power by rotating shafts by external forces (intra-combustion, hydro, thermal, nuclear, wind, etc.).
C3 Generator Drive Principle
Uses a basic driving principle of a driving power that rotates a permanent magnet in the Motor Structure, where the Time Disc that enters driving power into the coil at the Stator and Rotor, which are equipped with induced coil and permanent magnet respectively.
The part of the actuator that is responsible for the torque is the conventional motor structure which generates the torque by input power to the coil. At this point, the rotator mounted permanent magnet is operated with a force of attraction and this timeframe is driven by the interaction of Time magnetic with the Reed switch mounted on the Time Disk.

Coverage of C3 Generator

Electric rooms
Farming purposes

Integrated monitoring

Real-time monitoring
Web service
Statistics&Analysis Report

Buisness Strategy for C3 Generator

Early Period (2018-2020) Product Development and Commercialization
  • Mass production and sale of individual power supply facilities
  • Initial market exploration for major public institutions in Korea
Mid-to long-term (2021-2025) Preoccupying major domestic and international markets
  • Development and mass production of individual and combined power supplies
  • Replacement of low-pressure and high-pressure power facilities
  • Securing stable power supply to KEPCO E&C
Growth period (2026-2030) Full-scale entry into overseas markets
  • Securing the safety and technical skills of power supply facilities by stabilizing domestic facilities
  • Entry into overseas markets using KEPCO KDN infrastructure
  • Securing overseas power supply infrastructure by securing safety and technical skills
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The Market Size of C3 Generator

Total global electricity consumption was 25,000 TWh in 2017. 43% of consumption comes from Asia, and 27% comes from USA. China and India respectively account for 58% and 12% of Asia’s power consumption. This means that in 2017 only China used 25% of the world’s electricity.

The C3 generator is applicable to all industries that need electricity worldwide. In particular, the major OECD member countries with high electricity usage per capita will be the target market first, and the developing countries such as China and India, which use more energy, will be the top priority.

The average monthly electricity usage of 21 million households in Korea is 400kw/h and the rate is about 53,000 won. On the other hand, the average monthly electricity bill for households in major OECD countries is $90 to $100, which is more expensive than Korean households and consumes more. C3W’s target market is to provide C3 Generator to every household in the world who pays more than $50 a month for electricity. It will be also distributed to small and medium sized stores such as restaurants and cafes by sale.

OECO power consumption per person in major countries
Unit: KwH, Based on 2012
We are confident that C3 Generator will be utilized in every industry where energy is needed, including households and commercials. We will also create a new paradigm for the global energy market.