Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Mobile e-wallet?2018-11-04T07:04:43+00:00

You can download 'Enjin' or 'trust pallet' by searching on the smart phone stores.
(Google Search = How to download Mobile e-wallet)

I downloaded Mobile e-wallet, but there is no C3 token?2018-11-04T07:04:27+00:00

After downloading the electronic wallet, C3W has to be added once more.
The code to add C3W is: 0x19055b944806fba2717dc694cf0173a1eb2d1604
You can copy it and add it for use.
Thank you.

If I have a question to ask, what should I do?2018-11-04T07:04:13+00:00

Do you have any questions about C3W?
Contact our customer center at 02-2235-0004 or send a message (email) at the bottom of our homepage
and we will respond as soon as possible.
Thank you.