Video Simulation of C3 Generator New Product Presentation

Video Simulation of C3 Generator New Product Presentation

A generator is a device that uses mechanical energy to generate electricity. We can’t imagine to do anything in modern life without electricity.

C3 Generator New Product Presentation CEO Lee Kang Soo (Photo = Kim Han Jung) ⓒNewstown

Modern science, which created electricity, later averted its eyes to a ‘magnetic generator’ that can generate electricity on its own. More than a decade ago, when the concept of magnetic field was first published by a man named Bedney in the United States. With the U.S., India and China at the center, the world focused on new electric power generation, but failed to actualize or commercialize it.
KEtechnology, firstly in the world, announced that they succeeded in producing high voltage (30 amps) by injecting low voltage (0.4 amps) with domestic technology. Hereupon, the “C3 Generation New Product Presentation” was held at the K-Hotel’s Gayageum Hall in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, on 16th afternoon with numerous people from related industries attending.

C3 Generator New Product Presentation C3 Energy CEO Jeon Young Chul (Photo = Kim Han Jung) ⓒNewstown

During the new technology presentation this day, Jeon Young Chul, CEO of C3 Energy explained the process, and CEO Lee Kang Soo, explained about the product respectively. ‘C3 Generator’, developed by KEtechnology, is a technology that can produce 1~5kw per hour and 600kw/h per month for households without any external energy sources. Household C3 Generator costs 6 million won each.
“C3 Generator” is more efficient than solar power plants, CEO Lee Kang Soo claimed, “ In term’s of area, this technology may seem to have destroyed the Energy Conservation Law, but actually it did not break the theorem that ‘the total amount of energy is the same’ of the Energy Conservation Law due to the fact that it is bringing the Earth’s magnetic field energy.

C3 Generator New Product Presentation (Photo = Kim Han Jung) ⓒNewstown

CMO Jung Dae-hee, who also attended the presentation, said that “C3 generator” will be divided into domestic and industrial categories, and the household generators will be distributed to each household through sales, leasing and welfare distribution.”

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